2022-2023 Council

Officers (Voting)

Meredith Dye
Middle Tennessee State University

Theresa Davidson
Samford University

 Vice President Nicola Bivens, Johnson C. Smith University
 Vice President-Elect Melencia Johnson, USC Aiken
 Secretary-Treasurer Erin Rider, Jacksonville State University
 Past President Tina Deshotels, Jacksonville State University

Committee Chairs (Voting)

 Committee on Membership Justin Martin, University of Tennessee at Martin
Committee on  Racial & Ethnic Minorities Kristie Perry, Southern University and A&M College
 Committee on Nominations Lauren Norman, University of North Carolina at Pembroke
 Committee on the Profession Andrea Hunt, University of North Alabama
Committee on Small & Community Colleges Ashraf Esmail, Dillard University
 Committee on Women, Gender, and Sexualities Sarah Donley, Jacksonville State
 Sociological Spectrum Editor Kevin Breault, Middle Tennessee State University
 Forum Editor Andrew Tatch, Troy University
 Technology Committee Ruth Chananie, University of Northern Iowa

Publication Editors (Non-Voting)

 Sociological Spectrum Editor-in-Chief Kevin Breault, Middle Tennessee State University
  MSSA Forum Editor Andrew Tatch, Mississippi State

Ad-hoc Committees & Ex-Officio Officers (Non-Voting)

 Stanford Lyman Memorial Scholarship Raymond Barranco
 Stanford Lyman Distinguished Book Award Theresa Davidson
 Hotel Contract Negotiator  Earl Wright II
 Digital Presence Manager  Marcus Brooks
 MSSA Archivist Kevin Breault
 Local Arrangements Ashleigh McKinzie
 MSSA Listserv Ruth Chananie

Contact MSSA:
Meredith Dye, President