Joining & Renewing Membership to MSSA

We currently have two ways to join the MSSA or to renew your existing membership.

FAQs about Membership

Who can join the MSSA?
The Mid-South Sociological Association member states include Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia, Florida, and North Carolina.  However, membership is open to anyone, of any state and any nation, who is working in, or has had substantial training in, the field of sociology or related discipline.
Membership Costs

Active (Regular) Membership (based on current salary):

< $30K: $35.00

$30K-$49,999.00: $40.00

$50K-69,999.00: $45.00

$70K+ : $50.00

Joint Active Membership: $20.00 (must be partner of Active Member)

Emeritus: $35.00

Student: $20.00 (must be a registered undergraduate or graduate student in residence at an educational institution)

Joint Student: $5.00 (must be partner of Active or Student member)

When does my membership year run? When will my journal online access begin?
Membership runs from Jan 1- Dec 31. So, if you pay dues in July 2022, you will be a voting member during 2023 and receive your journal access via email directly from Taylor and Francis sometime in spring 2023 (their timeline varies).

Questions about Membership or Changing Membership Information
Please direct any requests to change your membership information, or any questions regarding membership to the MSSA Secretary-Treasurer Erin Rider at