Executive Council

The MSSA Officers is comprised of the most recent Past President, the President, the President-Elect, the Vice President, the Vice President-Elect, the Secretary-Treasurer, the Chairs of the six standing committees, the editor of Sociological Spectrum and the editor of MSSA Forum.

Each year the membership of the organization elects a President-elect, a Vice-President elect, and a Chair of the Nominations Committee

In odd numbered years, the membership elects Chairs for the Committee on Membership and Committee on Minorities. In even numbered years, the membership elects Chairs for the Committee on the Profession, the Committee on Small & Community Colleges, and the Committee on Women

The Officers appoint the following:  Secretary-Treasurer, Editor(s) of Sociological Spectrum, Editor(s) of MSSA Forum, Webmaster(s), Hotel Contract Negotiator, and the Chairs of ad-hoc committees including the Lyman Memorial Scholarship, Lyman Book Award, and Local Arrangements committees.

Contact MSSA:
Theresa Davidson, President