MSSA, Inc. Statement of and Commitment to Solidarity

The Mid-South Sociological Association stands firmly in solidarity with family and supporters of Tyre Nichols and all who have been and will be harmed by state violence. The continued brutality reinforces that our work and activism should strike at the heart of systems and structures that facilitate brutalization of people by the state. We recognize that the work of resisting and dismantling these systems is ongoing and not without risk. In the spirit of symbolic and material solidarity with those fighting for racial and social justice in the city of Memphis, now and in the future, members of the MSSA, Inc. board have pledged to make a monetary contribution to Just City, a Memphis based community bail fund. We encourage our members and partner organizations, when possible, to materially support resistance efforts in Memphis and across the U.S.


Congratulations to our 2022 award winners

Tom Calhoun Mentoring Award Earl Wright, II
Stanford Lyman Distinguished Book Award Baker A. Rogers, “King of Hearts: Drag Kings in the American South”
Sociological Spectrum Award Michael Friendly, “The Life and Works of Andre-Michel Guerry, Revisited”
Graduate Paper Competition 1st Place – Nithila Ramesh – “‘You Can’t Know Any Better’: The Perceptions of Black Healthcare Practices in Hospital Patient-Provider Relationships”

2nd Place-Burke & Tidwell – ” The Associations of Parent Involvement with Children’s Education Success and Behavioral Outcomes: Results from NHES-PFI 2019″

Undergraduate Paper Competition 1st Place – Lauren Molander, Samford University – The Influence of Individualism and Meritocracy on Preferences for Freedom

2nd Place – Kiya Simmons, University of Tennessee at Martin – Fight Poverty Not the Poor


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Meredith Dye, MSSA President
Theresa Davidson, MSSA President-Elect
Erin Rider, MSSA Secretary-Treasurer

Organizational Identity Statement

The Mid-South Sociological Association, Inc. (MSSA, Inc.), founded in 1975, is a 501-C-(3) non-profit organization providing both professional support to, and a forum for sociologists who teach, conduct research and reside in the Mid-South region of the US. Through its publications, annual conference, academic support and collegial networks, MSSA, Inc. promotes the advancement of sociological research, the diffusion of knowledge, innovative service and teaching.  From its inception, MSSA, Inc has been and continues to be committed to mentoring and enabling the growth of the next generation of sociologists in the value of high-quality research and engagement, and ethical, professional service.

Organization Inclusion Statement

The Mid-South Sociological Association Inc. embraces diversity and promotes inclusion by recruiting, including, and valuing people of all races, genders and gender identities, sexualities, ethnicities, religions, economic and employment statuses, abilities, and other dimensions. The MSSA celebrates all expressions of diversity and identity and strives to provide an environment conducive to free expression of ideas without fear of judgment in any way. Moreover, the MSSA does not tolerate any action from any member or conference participant that encourages or promotes hatred and/or intolerance in any form. Further, to the extent that the Board determines that it is not detrimental to the best interests (financial and otherwise) of the association, the MSSA will use the economic power of the annual conferences and other activities to select locations and enter into agreements with businesses that have policies and practices that reflect the values of the MSSA.

Contact MSSA:
Meredith Dye, President