Award Winners

2022 award winners

Tom Calhoun Mentoring Award Earl Wright, II
Stanford Lyman Distinguished Book Award Baker A. Rogers, “King of Hearts: Drag Kings in the American South”
Sociological Spectrum Award Michael Friendly, “The Life and Works of Andre-Michel Guerry, Revisited”
Graduate Paper Competition 1st Place – Nithila Ramesh – “‘You Can’t Know Any Better’: The Perceptions of Black Healthcare Practices in Hospital Patient-Provider Relationships”

2nd Place-Burke & Tidwell – ” The Associations of Parent Involvement with Children’s Education Success and Behavioral Outcomes: Results from NHES-PFI 2019″

Undergraduate Paper Competition 1st Place – Lauren Molander, Samford University – The Influence of Individualism and Meritocracy on Preferences for Freedom

2nd Place – Kiya Simmons, University of Tennessee at Martin – Fight Poverty Not the Poor


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