Graduate Paper of Distinction

Graduate Paper of Distinction Award

Deadline: September 15, 2018 

The Mid-South Sociological Association invites the submission of student papers for the annual Graduate Student Paper Session and “Paper of Distinction” Award.  The award process is open to graduate students who are members, or become members, of the Mid-South Sociological Association.  Among the papers submitted, an award will be presented to any paper that is reviewed and evaluated as possessing a high level of originality and significant potential for contribution to the discipline. A monetary award of Fifty dollars ($50.00) will be presented to the author(s) of the winning paper. If such a paper is so identified, the author(s) will be presented with a “Paper of Distinction” award at the MSSA Banquet.  The award will also include editorial review assistance from suitable persons so identified by the Vice President in coordination with the Editors of Sociological Spectrum.

Rules for the Award Process

Papers may be submitted by the graduate student or nominated by faculty, but in any case, each paper must be accompanied by a cover letter requesting consideration for the Graduate Student “Paper of Distinction” Award.  The letter must include the title of the paper, author(s) of the paper, the school affiliation, telephone number, and email address (if available) of the author(s).  The author’s name and title of the paper should be included on the title page only.  The title of the paper must be repeated at the top of the first page of the text.  Additionally:

  • The maximum length of an eligible paper shall be 25 double spaced pages of text, not counting abstract, reference, tables, and figures.
  • Papers may be co-authored with a maximum of three student authors, but no faculty.
  • Papers must not have been submitted for publication prior to submission for award consideration.

To receive full recognition for participation, submission must meet deadlines and participants must present their papers at the Annual Conference held in the fall of each year.

Students are strongly encouraged to seek faculty advice prior to submission of papers.

Papers should be submitted as a Word document by email to: Dr. Jessica Abbott, MSSA Vice President,

If you have any questions regarding the competition, please feel free to contact Dr. Abbott at the email address above.