Special Issue: Intersectional Experiences and Marginalized Voices

MSSA members have access to our special issue dedicated to intersectional research, analysis, and praxis.

Special Issue Editors:
Sarah Donley, Jacksonville State University
Melencia Johnson, University of South Carolina Aiken


Introduction to the special issue, “intersectional experiences and marginalized voices”
Sarah Donley and Melencia Johnson

Methods of intersectional research
Joya Misra, Celest Vaughn Curington, Venus Mary Green

How the “neutral” university makes critical feminist pedagogy impossible: intersectional analysis from marginalized faculty on three campuses
Erika Busse, Meghan Krausch and Wenjie Liao

Examining case outcomes in US transgender homicides: an exploratory investigation of the intersectionality of victim characteristics
Rayna Momen and Lisa Dilks

A changing landscape? An intersectional analysis of race and gender disparity in access to social capital
Song Yang, Brandon Jackson, and Anna Zajicek

The intersection of class, race, gender and generation in shaping Latinas’ sport experiences
Jen McGovern

Trans men’s pathways to incarceration
Sara Rogers and Baker Rogers