“Sociology and Globalization: Exploring Diversity, Paradigmatic Shifts and Critical Frameworks from a Social Context” – OLD


“Sociology and Globalization: Exploring Diversity, Paradigmatic  Shifts and Critical Frameworks from a Social Context”

November 5-8, 2014

Renaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel

Mobile, Alabama


If you are interested in presenting in a session, please forward an abstract of your paper directly to the organizer identified below.  The organizer will inform you about the acceptance of your paper.

If you are unable to locate an appropriate session below, please forward your paper/poster abstract to: Anita Bledsoe-Gardner (midsouthsoc@gmail.com)

Click here for a pdf version:  2014_Call for Papers_MSSA

 “Children and Youth: Disparities of Health Risks and Treatment”

Hugh Floyd (hhfloyd@samford.edu)

“Crime and Deviance”

David May (Dmay@soc.msstate.edu)

“Critical Criminology”

Ray Von Robertson (rvr9845@louisiana.edu)

“Critical Theory”

Jennifer Schlosser (jschlosser@tntech.edu)

“Disproportionate Minority Contact”

Phyllis Gray-Ray (phyllisgrayray@gmail.com)

“Education and Crime:  Correctional Programs”

Erica Ross (emross2@ncsu.edu)

“Environmentalism and Public Health Concerns”

Francis Adeola (fadeola@uno.edu)

“Environmental Sociology”

DeMond Miller (millerd@rowan.edu)

“Ethnography:  Social Change and Globalization”

Michael Spivey (michael.spivey@uncp.edu)

“Family and Health”

Melanie Sberna Hinojosa and Ramon Hinojosa (melanie.hinojosa@gmail.com)

“Food Systems: From Global to Local and Back Again”

Christopher Freed (cfreed@southalabama.edu)

“Fun, FanFare, and Maybe Even a Free Lunch: Getting Undergraduates to Participate in the

Research and Writing Process”

Theresa Davidson (tcdavids@samford.edu)

“Globalization and Environmental Inequalities”

Francis Adeola (fadeola@uno.edu)

“Health, Aging, and Public Policy”

Ollie Christian (ogchristian@yahoo.com)

“Health Disparities: The Influence of Social Determinants”

Claire Norris and Dawood Sultan (cnorris@xula.edu)

“Historical Sociology”

Earl Wright II (earl.wright@uc.edu)

“Homicide Studies”

John G. Boulahanis (jboulahanis@selu.edu)

“Human/Animal Studies:  The Diversity of the Worlds We Live In”

James H. Gadberry (james.gadberry@athens.edu)

“HyperIndustrial Societies”

Frank Elwell (fewell@rsu.edu)

“Juvenile Rehabilitation”

Virginia Seay (vs184852@my.ncwc)


Steven Siler (sselier@tntech.edu)

“Pan African Culture: Providing A Historical and Contemporary Lens”

Phylllis Gray-Ray (phyllisgrayray@gmail.com)


Jackie Eller (jackie.eller@mtsu.edu)

“Qualitative Methods”

Jennifer Schlosser (jschlosser@tntech.edu)

“Qualitative Sociology”

Earl Wright II (earl.wright@uc.edu)

“Race, Class, and Gender”

Anita Bledsoe-Gardner (abgardner@jcsu.edu)

“Sex, Sexuality and Deviance”

Jackie Eller (jackie.eller@mtsu.edu)

“The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Sociology”

Andrea Hunt (ahunt3@una.edu)

“Science and Technology: Its Influence on Culture”

Dennis Peck (dpeck@as.ua.edu)

“Social Dimensions of Labor and Birth”

Richard Simon (rs0050@uah.edu)

“Social Theory”

David Knottnerus (david.knottnerus@okstate.edu)

“The Sociology of Black and White In American Society”

Bobby Mills (MillsBobby@sbcgobal.net)

“Sociology of Education”

David Hunt (hdhunt@gru.edu)

“Sociology of Leisure”

Timothy Gongaware (tgongaware@uwlax.edu)

“Sociology of Social Movements”

Timothy Gongaware (tgongaware@uwlax.edu)

“Sports, Leisure, and Recreation”

David Hunt (hdhunt@gru.edu)

“Teaching Sociology: Student Perceptions of Sociology Courses that Explore Critical Thinking and Awareness about Social Movements/Protests”

Toni Sims-Muhammad (drtonisims@gmail.com)

“Understanding the Dynamics of HBCUs”

Claire Norris (cnorris@xula.edu)

“Visual and Photographic Sociology”

Nicolas Davis Bivens (ndbivens@jcsu.edu)

“Wanna Get Published?: Tips from the Insiders”

Earl Wright II & Thomas C. Calhoun (earl.wright@uc.edu)

“Wanna Get Tenured and Promoted?: Tips from the Insiders”

Earl Wright II & Thomas C. Calhoun (earl.wright@uc.edu)

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL Presenters, Presiders, Discussants, and Session Organizers must be current members of MSSA and must pre-register for the conference by October 15, 2014. Individuals not pre-registered for the conference by this date will not have their name or presentation information included in the final program.