MSSA Conference Program

2018 Mid-South Sociological Association Conference Birmingham, Alabama

October 24-27, 2018

Revisiting Dr. King’s Dream Five Decades after His Death: Facts, Fallacies, and Fears about the Future

Final Program


In 1968, Dr. Mr. Luther King Jr. was assassinated for his vision of a country where racism was ended and freedom and equality were shared by all people. Nevertheless, most people who give the discussion serious thought would admit we haven’t yet fulfilled his dream. We hope this conference will continue discussions and progress toward fulfilling his dream by contributing to a larger conversation grounded in research and teaching strategies focused on ending racism and discrimination in America.

All topics are welcome; however, as your President-Elect, I specifically ask that you consider organizing a paper session, poster session, roundtable, workshop, or panel discussion focusing on your own contribution to achieving Dr. King’s dream, however you may interpret it. My hope is this effort will lead to a productive, engaging conversation around this topic at the 2018 MSSA Conference.


Yours truly,

Dr. David May, MSSA President-Elect