Call for Papers

As President-Elect, I am excited to invite you to submit a paper (or papers) to present at the Annual Meeting of the Mid-South Sociological Association to be held October 24-26, 2019 in Jackson, Mississippi. This year’s theme is:

Focusing Attention on Intersecting Systems of Oppression in the #MeToo Era

We invite research papers from any and all disciplines, including those with an interdisciplinary focus. Please consider submitting your papers early, to help ensure a spot in the session of your choice. The early deadline is July 5, 2019[1]. Submit your paper title, abstract, and specific session title to the session organizer(s) as listed below. If you are unsure where your paper might best fit or if it does not fit in any of the listed sessions, please email it to me, Jessica

Abbott, MSSA President-Elect, at or

We have some very exciting paper session topics! Also, consider participation in one of our panels, roundtables, poster sessions, or workshops[2] as listed below the paper sessions. If you are interested in submitting a paper or poster, being part of a panel, or attending/participating in a roundtable or workshop, please email the organizer directly.

[1] There will be an extended deadline in early Fall.

[2] Types of sessions: Paper sessions are where 3-5 individuals take turns presenting their research with Q & A afterwards. Roundtables are literally held at a round table; this is a space where people interested in a particular topic can discuss ideas, ongoing research, or ask questions (less formal). Workshops are directed sessions with a goal of participatory learning. Poster sessions are spaces where presenters can display a poster version of their research, and describe it briefly to viewers. Panels are led by a group of experts who lead discussion with attendees about a particular topic.

Alcohol and Substance Use Andrew Tatch
Autoethnographies of Race, Class, and Gender Robert Michael Spivey
Children and Youth Courtney Heath Windhorn
Comparative Sociology Roger Klomegah
Contested Narratives and Mental Health Stephanie Hansard
Criminology and Deviance Jason Ulsperger
Disabilities Kirsten Ostergren Clark
Disasters Lisa Eargle
Disasters and Race, Gender, Class & Age Intersections Francis O Adeola
Discrimination, Stress, and Mental Health Stephanie Hansard
Domestic Violence Kathy Smith
Environmental Justice Within and Across Borders Francis O Adeola
Family Jessica Burke
Gender and Health Elizabeth Baker
Gender Research in Progress Tina Hebert Deshotels
Graduate Student Session I Erin Rider
Graduate Student Session II Erin Rider
Hate Crimes Lisa Eargle
Health Disparities and Social Stratification Andrew Tatch
Health, Morbidity and Mortality Kevin Breault
Homicide Studies John Boulahanis
Identities Jessica Burke
Immigration Erin Rider
Intersectionality Melencia Johnson
Latinx Identities William Rodriguez
Media and Inequality Andrea Hunt
Medical Sociology Kirsten Ostergren Clark
Mothering and Motherhood Brianna Turgeon
Political Economy Steve Panageotou & Aaron Rowland;
Public Opinion Theresa Davidson
Public Sociology Robert Michael Spivey
Race and Ethnicity Erin Rider
Reproductive Justice Melanie Turner
Service Learning Erin Rider
Sex Trafficking Chloe Parker
Sexuality and Social Policy Melanie Turner
Sex Work Chloe Parker
Social Movements Ruth Chananie
Social Psychology Jessica Burke
Sociology at HBCUs Tom Kersen
Sociology Clubs and Teaching from a Feminist Perspective Tina Hebert Deshotels
Sociology of Development & Underdevelopment. Francis O Adeola
Sociology of Education Brett Lehman
Sociology of Food Justin Martin
Sociology of Gender Sarah Donley
Sociology of Religion Shondrah Nash
Substance Use and Misuse Lauren Norman
Teaching Sociology—General Jessica Abbott
Trans and Nonbinary Health Across the Life Course Alexandra Nowakowski
Terrorism Lisa Eargle
Undergraduate Student Session I Patricia Gleich
Undergraduate Student Session II Patricia Gleich
Victimology and Fear of Crime Jessica Abbott & Shelly McGrath;
Women and Rage in Popular Culture Jackie Eller
Poster Session/Contest Jessica Abbott
Maintaining a Research Agenda while at a Small Teaching University Aaron Rowland
Microaggressions Melencia Johnson & Race and Minorities Caucus
Intersectionality and Inclusivity Plenary Speaker (TBA)
Roundtable: The Business of Sociology—“Money” Conversations Academics Seldom Have Earl Wright II wrighte4@UCMAIL.UC.EDU
Roundtable: The Unwritten Rules to Successfully Achieving Tenure and Promotion Earl Wright II wrighte4@UCMAIL.UC.EDU
Teaching the Stress Process with Hands-On Activities Alexandra Nowakowski