Women, Gender and Sexualities Committee

The Women, Gender and Sexualities Committee (WGS) seeks to ensure representation, support, and inclusivity for students and faculty across the gender and sexuality spectrum at MSSA. The committee is also dedicated to supporting and promoting research on gender and sexuality at MSSA conferences and publications. Through WGS, students and faculty can access applications to assist in travel funding to present their work at upcoming annual meetings. WGS publishes the official newsletter, Constructs, which details information for students and faculty about WGS announcements and activities, calls for papers, highlight WGS member achievements, and other related news.

Committee Chair: Sarah Donley (sdonley@jsu.edu)


WGS Sponsored Registration Scholarship

Program Description
The Mid-South Sociological Association and the Committee on Women, Gender & Sexualities is
pleased to announce the availability of registration scholarships for support in attending the 2020
virtual meeting (October 14-17). These scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis and
will cover the cost of registration for the MSSA 2020 virtual meeting.

Eligibility and Application Requirements
To be eligible for the scholarship, the applicant must:

  • Have a demonstrated need for funding (i.e., the applicant receives minimal or no
    university funding for travel to the conference), and
  • Be an active participant of the annual meeting by presenting research on or participating
    in a panel on gender and/or sexuality.
  • A member of the Mid-South Sociological Association at the time of the award.

Scholarship Deadline: 10/01/20

Application Form

Constructs: The Newsletter of the MSSA Women, Gender and Sexualities Committee

Constructs (current issue)


WGS Newsletter (prior issues)

Fall 2019 WGS Newsletter

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