Conference Program and a New look for the MSSA Website


Greeting Members of the Mid-South Sociological Association,

First, I am excited to announce that Program Chair Roma Hanks has a preliminary program for the 2010 MSSA Annual Conference that will be held in Baton Rouge.  The program can be found on our website by going to  All questions or concerns should be directed to Dr. Hanks at

In other exciting news, if you go to our website you’re going to notice that we now have a new look and some additional functions.   This could not have been done without the web design expertise of Heather Hopkins who works at Augusta State University in Georgia.  I would encourage all of you to look through the site.  Take some time to see what’s there, and think about what else you would like us to include and how we’ve organized the information.  Send any comments, critiques, corrections and ideas directly to me at

An important new function (one that you are seeing now) are the Announcements that will be emailed directly to you from the website.  Whenever the MSSA has news to report (like this one) we will post them to the website.  The post will then be sent as an email directly to the entire membership – in fact, I will be sending  this message as the first such Announcement to be sent by the website.  Since the emailed announcement will not allow replies, discussions will still occur on this MSSA Listserve.

Finally, please join me in thanking our outgoing Webmaster, Dave Witt, for all of his work on our website.  Through his efforts we were one of the first regional associations to create and maintain a website.  His support for this venture over the years, and as we made the recent changes, is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me an email.

Take care,

Timothy B. Gongaware, PhD
Mid-South Sociological Association
Vice President

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