2010 MSSA Conference Final Program


Recently sent out to the membership and posted to the website is the final program for the MSSA.

Sessions/presentations are listed by day, room, and in the index by session.

Per MSSA policy and practice, we cannot guarantee a laptop and projector in every presentation room. We have made every effort to secure presentation equipment from universities in the area of the conference. Three sets have been located so far. These will be available on a first come, first served basis from the registration desk.

We have five concurrent sessions — four paper and one breakout/roundtable. If a laptop and projector are essential to your presentation, you may want to bring your own equipment. Alternatively, you may bring handouts. Each room can accommodate at least 30 participants; the larger rooms hold 50. You are probably safe bringing 25-30 handouts for most sessions.

Looking forward to seeing you in Baton Rouge!

Roma Hanks
2010 Program Chair

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