40th Annual MSSA Conference.

November 5-8, 2014 in Mobile, Alabama. Sociology and Globalization: Exploring Diversity, Paradigmatic Shifts, and Critical Frameworks from a Social Context

Presenting the 2013 Award Winners

2013 Stanford M. Lyman Distinguished Book

Talking with the Children of God: Prophecy and Transformation in a Radical Religious Group(2010. University of Illinois Press) by Gordon Shepherd and Gary Shepherd.

2013 Stanford M. Lyman Memorial Scholarship

Whitney Laster, Vanderbilt University, Racial Hierarchy and Liminality in South Africa: A Case Study of Coloureds’ Social Location, Attitudes, and Experiences.

2013 Undergraduate Student Paper Competition

“Obedience vs. Autonomy in Children: A Study of Religious Influence Theory,” by Taylor Bandler, Samford University

2013 Sociological Spectrum Paper of the Year

“Socioeconomic Status and Health Well-Being During Later Life: Potential Mediating Factors” (Sociological Spectrum 33(2): 136-158) by Tze-Li Hsu and Jeralynn S. Cossman

2013 Graduate Student Paper of Distinction

“Gender Differences in Bullying Victimization: The Role of Academics and School Context.” by Brett Lehman, Louisiana State University

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