42nd Annual MSSA Conference.

Mid-South Sociological Association 2016 Conference

October 12-15, 20156 in North Charleston, South Carolina.

Transforming the Sociological Landscape: The Quest for Reconstruction and a Paradigmatic Shift

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January 17, 2016


Dear MSSA Members and Friends:

Get Ready ! Get Ready!  Get Ready!  It is time for us to begin getting ready to participate in the 2016, 42ndMSSA Annual Conference in North Charleston, October 12 -15th

Our theme for the upcoming conference is ,” Transforming the Sociological Landscape:  The Quest for Reconstruction and a Paradigmatic Shift.”  I am pleased to announce that we have 64 sessions proposed for the upcoming 42nd Annual MSSA conference.  A list of sessions and organizers details is found by clicking this link.

The proposed sessions  are great and cover a  diversity of topics many of which I   hope will be of interest to you.  I do urge you to take a look at the list of sessions and select the one(s) you would like to present a paper in and to contact the organizer(s) of the session.  The session organizers will need the following information:  (1) the title of your presentation  (2) your full name (3) your email address and (4) your school affiliation.

The deadline for submitting your presentation information to the session organizers is THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2016.

I know you can meet this deadline so I am asking you to please don’t let me down.  I am asking all session organizers to also recruit participants for your session(s).  Additionally,  I am asking that only 3-4  scholars present  in each  paper session.  This will allow individuals to have adequate time to present their research.  If there are more than the 4 individuals, we will add another session to accommodate them. 

 I encourage you to please  help make this a great conference by selecting a session to participate in and coming to the meeting. You can find registration and membership information on our webpage atwww.midsouthsoc.org

   However, If you have a session that you would like to organize, I am still allowing you to do that but hurry because time is running out.  Please contact me if this is the case at sbrown@fisk.edu   I did send some topics in the 3rd call for session organizers if you would like to organize one of them, please let me know. 

Again thank you and I am looking forward to seeing you in North Charleston, South Carolina.

I can’t say it enough but thank you for all you do for MSSA.

Shirley Rainey-Brown, Ph.D.,

MSSA President-Elect & Program Chair






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