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Early Deadline: July 25th


Deadline: July 15th

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, MSSA, Inc.’s annual conference this year will be held virtually. We, the MSSA Technology Committee, are looking for graduate students to volunteer to provide tech support for the conference. Volunteers who commit to providing tech support for at least four live sessions over the four days of the conference will have their membership and conference registration fees waived. Zoom training and committee support during the conference will be provided to all volunteers. This is a first come, first serve opportunity with a limited number of positions available. Note: faculty are encouraged to volunteer but will not have their membership and registration fees waived.

Interested graduate students should contact Ruth Chananie (rchill@uni.edu) or Marcus Brooks (brooksmu@mail.uc.edu).


The Mid-South Sociological Association Inc. Stands in Solidarity:

The Mid-South Sociological Association Inc. (MSSA Inc.) is an organization representing the region which was at the heart of the Civil Rights movement. Recent events here in the mid-south and across the country, like the killing-by-police of Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and George Floyd, exemplify the continuing struggles against structural racism, white supremacy, and state violence. Fifty-five years after the march on Selma, Alabama and Bloody Sunday, peaceful protestors are still being assaulted, gassed, and maimed by a now militarized police force. MSSA Inc. unequivocally condemns the unjust use of force by police, the national guard, and the military, and the violent rhetoric which supports this behavior. We support and stand in solidarity with the movement for Black lives and the demonstrators who show support for Black lives and resistance to state violence nationally, in the mid-south, and particularly in the Middle Tennessee region where we are scheduled to hold our 46th annual conference this October. To that end, MSSA Inc. has made a monetary contribution to Black Lives Matter Nashville, our hosting city. We understand that these are difficult times outside of the social tumult, but we encourage our members to contribute what they can to organizations in Nashville and locally.

Nashville Orgs Accepting Donations:

Nashville NAACP

Black Lives Matter Nashville

Nashville Community Bail Fund

Gideon’s Army



Contact us

Dr. Tina Deshotels, MSSA President-Elect and Program Chair
Dr. Jessica Abbott, MSSA President
Dr. Jessica Pardee, MSSA Secretary-Treasurer


The 2020 Awards, Scholarship, and Paper Competition have been released. Please review the announcements below for requirements and submission information.

2020 Lyman Memorial Scholarship

2020 Lyman Book Award

2020 Undergraduate Paper Competition

Graduate Student Session and Paper of Distinction Award Information


MSSA is proud to announce Dr. James Loewen as our 2020 annual conference keynote speaker.

Keynote Address: October 16, 2020 4:00-5:15

Read Dr. Loewen’s full bio here!



Past President Jason Ulsperger
Current President Jessica Abbott
President-Elect Tina Deshotels
Vice President Patricia Gleich
Vice President-Elect Lauren Norman
Secretary-Treasurer Jessica Pardee
Committee on Membership Cassidy Cooper
Committee on Racial and Ethnic Minorities Melencia Johnson

Committee on Nominations Boniface Noyongoyo
Committee on the Profession John Boulahanis
Committee on Small & Community Colleges Nicola Bivens
Committee on Women, Gender & Sexualities Sarah Donely
Spectrum Editor Kevin Breault
Forum Editor Andrew Tatch

Organizational Identity Statement

The Mid-South Sociological Association, Inc. (MSSA, Inc.), founded in 1975, is a 501-C-(3) non-profit organization providing both professional support to, and a forum for sociologists who teach, conduct research and reside in the Mid-South region of the US. Through its publications, annual conference, academic support and collegial networks, MSSA, Inc. promotes the advancement of sociological research, the diffusion of knowledge, innovative service and teaching.  From its inception, MSSA, Inc has been and continues to be committed to mentoring and enabling the growth of the next generation of sociologists in the value of high-quality research and engagement, and ethical, professional service.

Organization Inclusion Statement

The Mid-South Sociological Association Inc. embraces diversity and promotes inclusion by recruiting, including, and valuing people of all races, genders and gender identities, sexualities, ethnicities, religions, economic and employment statuses, abilities, and other dimensions. The MSSA celebrates all expressions of diversity and identity and strives to provide an environment conducive to free expression of ideas without fear of judgment in any way. Moreover, the MSSA does not tolerate any action from any member or conference participant that encourages or promotes hatred and/or intolerance in any form. Further, to the extent that the Board determines that it is not detrimental to the best interests (financial and otherwise) of the association, the MSSA will use the economic power of the annual conferences and other activities to select locations and enter into agreements with businesses that have policies and practices that reflect the values of the MSSA.


Contact MSSA:
Jessica Abbott, President