45th Annual MSSA Conference

The 2019 Mid-South Sociological Association Inc. Conference will be held in Jackson, Mississippi – October 24-26, 2019.

Conference theme: Focusing Attention on Intersecting Systems of Oppression in the #MeToo Era


Jackson, Mississippi October 24-26

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Dr. Jessica Abbott, MSSA President-Elect and Program Chair
Dr. Jason Ulsperger, MSSA President
Dr. Jessica Pardee, MSSA Secretary-Treasurer

2019 Call for Papers


Past President Ruth Chananie
Current President Jason Ulsperger
President-Elect Jessica Abbott
Vice President Erin Rider
Vice President-Elect Patricia Gleich
Secretary-Treasurer Jessica Pardee
Committee on Membership Jessica Burke
Committee on Racial and Ethnic Minorities Melencia Johnson
Committee on Nominations Andrew Tatch
Committee on the Profession John Boulahanis
Committee on Small & Community Colleges Joseph Abbott
Committee on Women, Gender & Sexualities Sarah Donely
Spectrum Editor Kevin Breault
Forum Editor Tina Deshotels

Latest News

    2019 Call for Papers

    Call for Submissions to Nuances – Newsletter of the Committee on Minorities – Due September 17

    Committee on Minorities Travel Scholarship – Applications Due September 21